Let your photos tell beautiful stories with our scrapbooking projects

4x6” Scrapbooking Photo Album

If you have lots of photos stored on your computer and are looking for a quick way to print and share them, this project is for you. Simply select your favorite photos and use image editing software like Adobe® Photoshop Elements to import them into these ready-to-go page designs. Personalize your text and print. Quick Pages make it so easy; you’ll want to make a new album anytime you have some great new photos or a story to tell.

» Download Instructions

» Mini Photo Album, quick pages (1-10)

» Mini Photo Album, covers and quick pages (11-20)

» Mini Photo Album, digital kit

What you need:
  • Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper 4”X6”
  • An Epson PictureMate or Epson Stylus Colour printer

Check that your printer supports the suggested Epson paper by visiting

  Buy paper on the Epson online store


You need Acrobat® Reader® 5.0 to view this activity.